Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We're Comin' to New York Bitch 

Check out this ad by the Republicans warning New Yorkers that they are coming to New York: Like it or not.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

'Next' To 'Last' Show... 

That's Right, This is Our 'Next' Show and Someone's 'Last' Show.
See if You Can Guess 'Which is Which'?

It's All Happening at Conan's Pub (SE 39th & Hawthorne) on Thursday (8/12) Night!! Get Ready 'Cause It's Geoff Minor's Annual Birthday Party (One of Many, I'm Sure)! He'll Be Cutting His Hair (Or, Somebody Will!), and Rockin' with the Bands! We'll be Playing with 'Oliver', and 'UsedWares', Not to Mention,
Plenty of Other Surprises...

So, Did You Guess? Well It's a Trick Question! This Will Be 'UsedWares' Last Show and it Is Our 'Next To Last' Show. Yeah, This Could Very Well Be Our Last Show in Portland (Let's Hope For Just One More!), So Please Get There Early to Say "Hi" or "Good-Bye", and Join in a Night of Mayhem. I know It's a Thursday Night, But This Really Could Be It...See Ya' at Conan's...

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