Friday, June 25, 2004

There's A Riot Going On. 

AOL 6.0

English Lessons

Behind the Music That Sucks


A very Jedi Christmas

Drive, Baby

Bad Girls Don't Get to Come

Oh No, It's My Dad

Tough Day at the Tatoo Parlor

Thanks Dad

. . . a laugh riot. Har har har.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wok Boarding 

See the video that Yan Can Cook doesn't want you to see.

Buds Over Baghdad 

JUNE 2, 2004 – Specialist Carlos Arellano was on patrol in Baghdad’s Green Zone on April 23 when he discovered a pot plant growing innocently on the street. He asked one of his fellow soldiers to snap a photo of him kneeling next to the plant. The photo was forwarded to High Times’ Grow America by a friend of Arellano’s via email.

“I was stunned by the photo,” says editor-in-chief Steve Bloom. “I immediately called Carlos’s friend and started to make arrangements to publish it.”

Bloom quickly learned that Arellano was not only a soldier, but he was also a rapper named “Singe,” who’s first CD, The Epidemic, was released on StashBox Records several months before Arellano, in the Army Reserves, was called up to active duty and sent to Iraq.

“Coded in the photo was a message that we couldn’t ignore,” Bloom says. “While Carlos is a hero defending his country in Iraq, when he comes home and smokes a joint, he’ll be a criminal.”

In an email, Arellano explained that he “stumbled upon [the plant] by accident… I saw this beauty waving in the wind from the corner of my eye. Me being who I am, I had to take a photo and send it back to the crew.”

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Marconi Sucks Ass!! Take the 'Survey'... 

This is in response to Marc's previous post (Adios...Douchebags). Since the Fortunate departure of that 'Jackass' Marconi, KNRK has been trying to save face. They have left it up to the Listeners to help 'Right the Ship'! Finally, somebody is letting the Listeners speak (No Offense 'Clear Channel')!

Let Your Voice Be Heard and Take the Survey (See the Results!). Tell your friends and hopefully, we can help make a Station that's worth a crap! Oh Yeah, when it gets to your Favorite Local Band, don't forget about 'Bettie Ford'!! Thanks a Lot, Support your 'Local Music', and hopefully, We'll See Ya' Soon....

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