Saturday, May 15, 2004

Adios . . . Douchebags 

PORTLAND - The radio station KNRK at 94.7 FM is issuing an apology to its listeners after talk show hosts Marconi, Tiny and sidekick Nickie J. laughed at and ridiculed the beheading of American Nick Berg.
The three were fired Thursday afternoon, after airing the audio recording of Berg's murder repeatedly on Wednesday and laughing at the incident.

"Disgusting… I'm speechless," said one woman.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The 'Birthday' Show !! 

It's That Time of Year Again! That's Right, Heather turns Another Year Older, and Another Year 'Wiser'!! Whoo-Hoo......'Good Times'

Please Help Us Celebrate Heather's 'Special Day'. We'll Be Partying at Conan's Pub (SE 39th & Hawthorne) on Friday, May 7th! Helping Us out Will Be 'Used Wares', 'Miracle Enemy', and 'DeadWeight' (From S.F.!). This Promises to be a 'Kick Ass' Time, One That Should Not Be Missed...............

The Band is Ready to 'Bring It' (With a Few Surprises!) for this Special Show! If You 'Love' Heather (Like WE Do), You'll Be There to say "Happy Birthday", Girlfriend......We Hope To See Ya' There..........

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Heathers b day 

Heather turns around the age of 37 this friday! Please make sure you tell her how young she looks if you go to the May 7th show (Bettie Ford) at Conan's Otherwise how good looking am I? Let me know.

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