Friday, March 12, 2004

Dr. Jones 

My friend Dr. Jones is a local DJ with a fine flash powered website and three long sets you can download or stream in realplayer.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


What's Better Than a 'Captain Rock' Show? How About a 'Captain Rock' Show with 'BETTIE FORD' ??

That's Right, 'Captain Rock' and 'Bettie Ford' were at Conan's Pub (SE 39th & Hawthorne) on Saturday, March 6th!! If You Didn't See 'Beth & the Boys' (Captain Rock), You Seriously Missed Out. We Had to Follow a Raucus 'Captain Rock' Set!! "Thanks Guys". We fed off of the Energy. 'We Love 'Captain Rock'!! If You Didn't Make It, We'll See You Next Time..........

How About April 24th at the 'Tabor', We Can't Wait To See You Then............

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