Thursday, January 29, 2004

'bettie FORD' @ 'Mt. Tabor'  

Thanks to 'Lisa Ford' and Everyone who made it to the 'Tabor', We had a blast, Hope all of you did, as well. Also, a BIG Thanks to all who made it to the 'Barracuda'. Too bad we didn't win!

What do think about the above Flyer? Heather designed it. Not only can she sing, but she's a creative genious, as well. Talk about the 'Total Package'..................

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The Story of Two Headaches 

I'm sure everyone will be glad to know that my headache from the last Conan's show finally has gone away. And my vision is not nearly as blurry as it was a week ago.

That said: Check out this site: Punxfordean - changing the world, one punk at a time.

Friday, January 09, 2004

'Chicks Kick Ash IV' 

'BETTIE FORD' will be at the 'Ash Street Saloon', Friday, January 16th for 'Chicks Kick Ash IV'. We've been waiting for this one, Oh Yeah! This will be our 3rd 'Kick Ash' show. 'Good Times'!! It's a tribute to 'Women That Rock'! What else could you ask for?

Also on the bill are the 'Ditty Twisters', 'Emaneht', and 'Stella Marie'!! This will be our last show in Portland for a while, so get there early and say "HI"!

We Can't Wait To See You There...............

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Happy New Year !! 

Just wanted to 'Thank Everyone' who supported Us over the past year, and wish all a 'Happy New Year'!!

Thanks to 'Geoff Minor', the Clubs that let Us play, the 'Sound-People', Eric, T.J., Garner, T-Red's, the Bands that we played with, and last, but not least, Everyone who came to Our Shows and 'Gave Us Life'!!!

'We Love You All'!!! Hope To See You Next Year.......

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

cowboy monkies 

Check out this video for Johnny Cash's cover of Desperado.

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