Wednesday, April 21, 2004

'Bettie Ford' @ Mt. Tabor..... 

'Bettie Ford' is Back, and We are Ready to 'Rock'!! It's Been a While. We're Polishing off the Rust, as we Speak!

We'll Be at the 'Mt. Tabor Pub' (SE 48th & Hawthorne) on Saturday, April 24th. We are Playing with Our Friends 'Server X', and 'The Mediam'. The 'Tabor' is a Cool Venue with Great Sound, We Can't Wait! Our Last Show There was a 'Frickin' Blast! The 'Show' Starts around 9:30, So Get There Early to Say "HI".........The Best Part is, that We'll Say "HI" Back.........Hope to See You There............

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

we built this shitty 

From USA Today:
We Built This City is the single worst single ever constructed, according to Blender's ranking of reeking tunes.

The magazine's list of "The 50 Worst Songs Ever," which hits newsstands Tuesday in New York and Los Angeles and April 27 nationwide, distills the lamest popular rock-era records into one sonic landfill.

Starship's 1985 anthem, the runaway No. 1 stinker, "seems to inspire the most virulent feelings of outrage," editor Craig Marks says. "It purports to be anti-commercial but reeks of '80s corporate-rock commercialism. It's a real reflection of what practically killed rock music in the '80s."

Also sealing the song's fate were Starship's steep fall from grace as the admired Jefferson Airplane and "the sheer dumbness of the lyrics," Marks says.

indie crit 

Here's a blog worth checking out and wasting some time on:

indie music for indie people
listen. enjoy. support. buy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

'Good' News & 'Bad' News.... 

First, and Foremost, Support Your 'Local' Music !! Head Out To a Club and Have a Good Time, I Guarantee You Will.... Good Times!!!!!

O.K., Let's Start With the 'Good News'. 'Congratulations' Goes Out to 'Oliver' , For Winning the 'New Rock Rumble'!! Good Job, You Guys. Hey, 'Server X' , Congrat's on Making it to the Finals (We'll See You on the 24th, at the 'Tabor'!). They 'Both' Rock, See Them Soon !!

Now For the 'Bad News'... 'Captain Rock' is 'No More' ! I Knew 'Something' Was Up With That 'Curtain Call' at Their Last Show! 'Bad Times'. Not to Fret, However, the 'Music' Lives On! Check out 'Beth' in 'Susie Blue' , as well as, her New 'Project' (with 'Trist', who is now playing Guitar!), 'Play' ! If You're Worried About 'Rob' and 'Chris' (Manchild!), Don't!! Just 'Head Out' to See 'Used Wares' (Rob & Chris, Along With J.P.), or 'M.R.P.' (Magic Red Panties - Chris)!! Like I Said Before, 'Support Your Local Music'!!!! If You're at a Loss, Check Out "Geoff Minor's" Website, or Pick up a 'Mercury', or a 'Willamette', and 'Get After It'!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Have 'Links' on 'Our' Website. Whatever You Decide, 'Live Life' , and 'Have Some Fun'........

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